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The particles of sodium chloride have a beneficial effect not only on the respiratory, but also on the integumentary system and hair, ensuring an efficient cosmetic effect as well. By sedimentation on open areas of skin, haloaerosol increases the activity of cell ion channels and initiates electro-physiological activity that defines the protective features of the skin.

Researches in skin microbiocenosis showed normalization of the composition of the surface autoflora after application of halotherapy. Bacteriostatic, anti-dermal effect of dry superfine sodium chloride aerosol was also confirmed.


Here are some more benefits:

  • boosting of the immune-system
  • preventive treatments for smokers in the process of quitting smoking
  • beneficial effect on the allergic and vasomotor rhinitis
  • it enables clearing the respiratory tract and bronchial passability
  • in pediatrics, excellent results were proved in children with bronchial asthma and recurrent bronchitis
  • in case of chronic lung obstruction, the treatment is an excellent addition to the prescribed medicine
  • it reduces the frequency and intensity of coughing
  • it helps with recovery and rehabilitation of patients after surgeries for the purpose of implantation of bypass grafts in coronary arteries
  • improving of the psycho-emotional status
  • positive effect on the autonomous nervous system
  • it stabilizes skin diseases


References to some of the numerous published works

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  • "Halotherapy of Diseases / Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation" (Respiratory Centre for Clinical Research, St. Petersburg)
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